Code Base

'Code Base' is a repository of programs, you can analyze and hack the code to learn programming. Algorithms playground for common questions solved in multiple languages. In case you want to prepare yourself for a job interview - try to solve it yourself first, then have a look here.

  1. Anagram

  2. Armstrong Number

  3. Display Patterns

    1. Right Angled Triangle

    2. Print Z

  4. Greatest Common Divisor

  5. Longest Palindrome Sub String Length

  6. Leap Year

  7. Permutations

  8. Search Algorithms

    1. Binary Search

    2. Linear Search

  9. Sorting Algorithms

    1. Bubble Sort

    2. Insertion Sort

    3. Merge Sort

    4. Quick Sort

    5. Selection Sort

  10. Towers Of Hanoi

  11. Networking

    1. Sockets (Server - Client Communication)


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