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Retrieve and parse XML data using Python [AJAX]

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Program to demonstrate the process of fetching and parsing the XML data using Python language.

XML File

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO8859-1" ?>
  <stock exchange="nyse">
    <name>zacx corp</name>
  <stock exchange="nasdaq">
    <name>zaffymat inc</name>


import urllib
from xml.dom import minidom

url = "http://www.xmlfiles.com/examples/portfolio.xml"
dom = minidom.parse(urllib.urlopen(url))

# dom.getElementsByTagName returns NodeList
stocks = dom.getElementsByTagName("stock")
for stock in stocks:
        exchange = stock.getAttribute("exchange")
        name = stock.getElementsByTagName("name")[0]
        symbol = stock.getElementsByTagName("symbol")[0]
        price = stock.getElementsByTagName("price")[0]
        print("exchange:%s, name:%s, symbol:%s, price:%s" %
              (exchange, name.firstChild.data, symbol.firstChild.data, price.firstChild.data))


exchange:nyse, name:zacx corp, symbol:ZCXM, price:28.875
exchange:nasdaq, name:zaffymat inc, symbol:ZFFX, price:92.250

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