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Purpose An attempt to automate reservation system. This is my academic mini project. View Source Code
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Traveling is a large growing business across all countries. Bus reservation system deals with maintenance of records of details of each passenger. It also includes maintenance of information like schedule and details of each bus. We observed the working of the Bus reservation system and after going through it, we get to know that there are many operations, which they have to do manually. It takes a lot of time and causing many errors while data entry. Due to this, sometimes a lot of problems occur and they were facing many disputes with customers. To solve the above problem, and further maintaining records of passenger details, seat availability, price per seat, bill generation and other things, we are offering this proposal of computerized reservation system. By using this software, we can reserve tickets from any part of the world, through telephone lines, via internet. Customer can check availability of bus and reserve selective seats. The project provides and checks all sorts of constraints so that user does give only useful data and thus validation is done in an effective way.

The focus of the project is to computerize traveling company to manage data, so that all the transactions become fast and there should not be any error in transaction like calculation mistake, bill generation and other things. It replaces all the paper work. It keeps records of all bills also, giving to ensure 100% successful implementation of the computerized Bus reservation system. This reservation system has three modules. First module helps the customer to enquire the availability of seats in a particular bus at particular date. Second module helps him to reserve a ticket. Using third module he can cancel a reserved ticket.
  • First module retrieves data from tables required for enquire.
  • Second module inserts values into the tables on reservation.
  • Third module deletes values into from the table on cancellation of tickets.
As the database is hosted using Oracle Server onto internet, the application can access data from any part of the world, by many number of people concurrently.

Problem Specification
Bus Reservation Systems that were suggested till now, are not up to the desired level. There is no single system which automates all the process. In order to build the system, all the processes in the business should be studied, System study helps us under the problem and needs of the application. System study aims at establishing requests for the system to be acquired, development and installed. It involves studying and analyzing the ways of an organization currently processing the data to produce information. Analyzing the problem thoroughly forms the vital part of the system study. In system analysis, prevailing situation of problem is carefully examined by breaking them into sub problems. Problematic areas are identified and information is collected. Data gathering is essential to any analysis of requests. It is necessary that this analysis familiarizes the designer with objectives, activities and the function of the organization in which the system is to be implemented.
  1. Existing system

    Existing system is totally on book and thus a great amount of manual work has to be done. The amount of manual work increases exponentially with increase in services. Needs a lot of working staff and extra attention on all the records. In existing system, there are various problems like keeping records of items, seats available, prices of per/seat and fixing bill generation on each bill. Finding out details regarding any information is very difficult, as the user has to go through all the books manually. Major problem was lack of security.
  2. Proposed system

    The system is very simple in design and to implement. The system requires very low system resources and the system will work in almost all configurations. It has got following features: Needs a lot of working staff and extra attention on all the records. Ensure data accuracy. Records are efficiently maintained by DBMS. DBMS also provides security for the information. Any person across the world, having internet can access this service. Availability of seats can be enquired very easily. Passengers can also cancel their tickets easily. Minimum time needed for the various processing Better Service Minimum time required This would help the corporation prepare and organize its schedules more efficiently on the basis of traffic demand.

Software Requirement Specification
  1. Hardware Requirements:

    • PC with Pentium IV processor.
    • 512 MB RAM or above.
    • 40 GB Hard Disk or above.
  2. Software Requirements:

    • Operating system : Windows XP (or latest).
    • Front end : Java Runtime
    • Platform : Java Swings
    • Integrated development environment(IDE) : Eclipse
    • Back end : Oracle 10g

Database design

Conceptual design

a. Requirement Analysis:

What data is needed? List of Entities:
  • BUS
List of attributes: BUS:
  • Bus ID
  • AC
  • Fare
  • Departure Time
  • Arrival Time
  • Route id
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Passenger ID
  • Username
  • Password
  • Name
  • Mobile number
  • E-mail
Constraints: Username should be unique RESERVE:
  • Ticket ID
  • Seat
  • Time Stamp
  • Passenger ID
  • Bus ID
  • Date


How to Setup
Build Status
  1. Install Prerequisite Software: Java 1.8 MySql 5.6 + MySql Connector/J + workbench (http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/windows/installer/) Eclipse Luna Install Maven plugin in Eclipse (http://download.eclipse.org/technology/m2e/releases/)
  2. Set Enviroment Variables (Paths may vary based on OS and installation): CLASSPATH=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_20\bin PATH=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_20\bin JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_20
  3. Clone the source code: git clone https://github.com/shivajivarma/bus-reservation-system.git
  4. Import project into eclipse.
  5. Make sure eclispe is using currect JDK.
  6. Database setup (https://github.com/shivajivarma/bus-reservation-system/tree/master/db)
  7. Set Maven goals Eg: compile, package
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