Welcome to my website!

This site is centered around my blog, but contains lots of other content as well. You can use the links at the top, or else jump right to the various sections listed below:

  • Blog
    My running commentary on work and personal topics, including programming, web development, open source, standards, Android, playing cricket, stories, films, music, and anything else that pops into my head. Entries before 2013 are in my Archived Blog, slowly migrating it to this place.
  • About
    Who I am. What I like to do. How I’ve been employed throughout my career.
  • Code Base
    It is a repository of programs, using which you can analyse, hack and learn basic programming. Related to these things I discuss in my blog.
  • Projects
    Showcase of few of my works. Do check them out once.
  • Short Stories
    I have habit of reading short and inspiring stories(prefer watching them :P). When ever I come across a good one, I collect the reference and store it here, so that when I feel bored, unhappy or want to get little inspiration, then I go back and read them.

Feel free to contact me with questions or comments. I do run into making spelling mistakes sometimes, do let me know, if you got to found one on the site.